chebpol (2.0)

Multivariate Interpolation.

Contains methods for creating multivariate interpolations of functions on a hypercube. If available through fftw3, the DCT-II/FFT is used to compute coefficients for a Chebyshev interpolation. Other interpolation methods for arbitrary Cartesian grids are also provided, a piecewise multilinear, and the Floater-Hormann barycenter method. For scattered data polyharmonic splines with a linear term is provided. The time-critical parts are written in C for speed. All interpolants are parallelized if used to evaluate more than one point.

Maintainer: Simen Gaure
Author(s): Simen Gaure [aut, cre] (Ragnar Frisch Centre for Economic Research)

License: Artistic-2.0

Uses: geometry, lattice, cubature, knitr, plot3D

Released about 1 year ago.