coda (0.17-1)

Output Analysis and Diagnostics for MCMC.

Provides functions for summarizing and plotting the output from Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) simulations, as well as diagnostic tests of convergence to the equilibrium distribution of the Markov chain.

Maintainer: Martyn Plummer
Author(s): Martyn Plummer [aut, cre, trl], Nicky Best [aut], Kate Cowles [aut], Karen Vines [aut], Deepayan Sarkar [aut], Douglas Bates [aut], Russell Almond [aut]

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: Does not use any package
Reverse depends: adaptMCMC, adaptsmoFMRI, AdjBQR, AdMit, agRee, anominate, ArchaeoChron, ArchaeoPhases, B2Z, BaM, BAMD, bamdit, bamlss, BANOVA, BayesBEKK, BayesComm, bayescount, bayesDccGarch, BayesFactor, BayesFM, bayesGARCH, bayesmix, BayesPanel, bayespref, BayesSAE, bayesSurv, bayesTFR, Bayesthresh, BayesTwin, BayLum, bayou, BAYSTAR, Bchron, Bergm, BEST, bfa, bhm, bisoreg, BMAmevt, bmk, boral, BRugs, BTSPAS, c212, CARBayes, coalescentMCMC, conting, cplm, cubfits, dclone, dcmle, ddepn, DPP, eiPack, elrm, embryogrowth, endorse, EpiILM, EpiILMCT, ergm, femmeR, FME, geiger, gemtc, glmdm, glmmAK, GLMMarp, HelpersMG, hierarchicalDS, Hmsc, hSDM, HSROC, HybridMC, hzar, ICBayes, icenReg, iFad, InSilicoVA, ISEtools, IsotopeR, JMbayes, kobe, languageR, latentnet, lira, list, marked, MasterBayes, MBSP, mcgibbsit, MCMC.OTU, MCMC.qpcr, MCMCglmm, MCMCpack, mcmcplots, MCMCtreeR, mcsm, metamisc, MISA, mixAK, mixstock, motmot.2.0, MplusAutomation, MSBVAR, networkTomography, ocomposition, phase1PRMD, phase1RMD, PhaseType, phcfM, phenology, polySegratioMM, pomp, popReconstruct, prevalence, pscl, qtlbim, R2jags, R2MLwiN, R2WinBUGS, r4ss, ramps, Ratings, rjags, RLadyBug, Rlda, RMark, robustsae, runjags, RxCEcolInf, SAVE, scapeMCMC, season, siar, sirt, sisus, SPACECAP, spBayes, spdep, spNNGP, spTDyn, spTimer, StateTrace, stocc, stochasticGEM, stochvol, superdiag, survBayes, TBSSurvival, tdm, tergm, TESS, TreeBUGS, TropFishR, Ultimixt, WMCapacity, zic, zoib
Reverse suggests: AdMit, airGR, amen, AnaCoDa, bayesImageS, bayest, BayHaz, BBMV, bcp, BGGE, broom, BVAR, CARramps, ddepn, DiffusionRgqd, DiffusionRimp, DiffusionRjgqd, embryogrowth, emdbook, emmeans, ergm, factorstochvol, gap, geoRglm, ggmcmc, glmmfields, glmmTMB, gmodels, HDInterval, icensBKL, LAM, latentnet, latentnetHRT, lme4, ltbayes, Luminescence, mcmcderive, MethComp, miceadds, mlmRev, MRIaggr, nCal, nmathresh, noisyCE2, outbreaker2, phybreak, polyfreqs, pscl, R2admb, R2BayesX, rase, rbi, rbugs, relevent, SALTSampler, season, serrsBayes, shinystan, sirt, spBFA, spCP, splinesurv, surveillance, systemicrisk, TAM, womblR, Zelig, zoo

Released over 4 years ago.