concor (1.0-0)


The four functions svdcp (cp for column partitioned), svdbip or svdbip2 (bip for bi-partitioned), and svdbips (s for a simultaneous optimization of one set of r solutions), correspond to a "SVD by blocks" notion, by supposing each block depending on relative subspaces, rather than on two whole spaces as usual SVD does. The other functions, based on this notion, are relative to two column partitioned data matrices x and y defining two sets of subsets xi and yj of variables and amount to estimate a link between xi and yj for the pair (xi, yj) relatively to the links associated to all the other pairs.

Maintainer: S. D?jean
Author(s): R. Lafosse <>

License: GPL

Uses: Does not use any package

Released over 15 years ago.