cowplot (0.9.1)

Streamlined Plot Theme and Plot Annotations for 'ggplot2'.

Some helpful extensions and modifications to the 'ggplot2' package. In particular, this package makes it easy to combine multiple 'ggplot2' plots into one and label them with letters, e.g. A, B, C, etc., as is often required for scientific publications. The package also provides a streamlined and clean theme that is used in the Wilke lab, hence the package name, which stands for Claus O. Wilke's plot package.

Maintainer: Claus O. Wilke
Author(s): Claus O. Wilke [aut, cre], RStudio [cph] (Copyright for ggplot2 code copied to cowplot)

License: GPL-2

Uses: ggplot2, gtable, plyr, scales, maps, testthat, knitr, dplyr, tidyr, gridGraphics, covr, viridis, magick, vdiffr
Reverse depends: JWileymisc, Seurat
Reverse suggests: afex, base2grob, biscale, customLayout, deconvolveR, denvax, DGCA, distributions3, ggjoy, ggplotify, grainscape, incidence, interactions, jtools, meme, mlr, modcmfitr, oddsratio, opticskxi, PCMBase, pcr, phateR, PKNCA, poppr, portalr, RNOmni, robin, runstats, sicegar, sjPlot, stabm, tadaatoolbox, tidybayes, tvthemes, valr

Released about 2 years ago.