crplyr (0.3.1)

A 'dplyr' Interface for Crunch.

In order to facilitate analysis of datasets hosted on the Crunch data platform , the 'crplyr' package implements 'dplyr' methods on top of the Crunch backend. The usual methods 'select', 'filter', 'group_by', 'summarize', and 'collect' are implemented in such a way as to perform as much computation on the server and pull as little data locally as possible.

Maintainer: Mike Malecki
Author(s): Neal Richardson [aut], Jonathan Keane [aut], Gordon Shotwell [aut], Mike Malecki [aut, cre]

License: LGPL (>= 3)

Uses: crunch, dplyr, ggplot2, lazyeval, purrr, rlang, scales, stringr, tibble, viridisLite, testthat, knitr, magrittr, rmarkdown, covr, vdiffr, httptest, spelling

Released 10 months ago.