curveDepth (

Tukey Curve Depth and Distance in the Space of Curves.

Data recorded as paths or trajectories may be suitably described by curves, which are independent of their parametrization. For the space of such curves, the package provides functionalities for reading curves, sampling points on curves, calculating distance between curves and for computing Tukey curve depth of a curve w.r.t. to a bundle of curves. For details see Lafaye De Micheaux, Mozharovskyi, and Vimond (2019) .

Maintainer: Pavlo Mozharovskyi
Author(s): Pavlo Mozharovskyi [aut, cre], Pierre Lafaye De Micheaux [aut], Myriam Vimond [aut]

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: ddalpha, Rcpp

Released 11 months ago.