data.table (1.6.4)

Extension of data.frame for fast indexing, fast ordered joins and fast grouping..

Enhanced data.frame. Fast indexing, fast ordered joins, fast assignment and fast grouping in a short and flexible syntax. i and j may be expressions of column names directly, for faster development. Example: X[Y] is a fast join for large data.

Maintainer: Developers
Author(s): M Dowle, T Short, S Lianoglou

License: GPL

Uses: chron, ggplot2, plyr, testthat
Reverse depends: Ac3net, AF, ARTP2, asciiSetupReader, batchtools, bea.R, behavr, BuyseTest, cdparcoord, cffdrs, classifierplots, clickstream, corpustools, cvAUC, damr, dfmeta, drgee, easycsv, EBPRS, EurosarcBayes, FAOSTAT, fastDummies, fdq, Fgmutils, gbp, GenomicTools, GenomicTools.fileHandler, GenoScan, greport, haploReconstruct, heatwaveR, heims, hisse, ie2misc, iemisc, JWileymisc, koRpus, LabourMarketAreas, lookupTable, LSPFP, miLineage, mrMLM, mrMLM.GUI, MultiABEL, multicastR, musica, networkR, NNS, oec, openSTARS, panelaggregation, ParBayesianOptimization, partools, penaltyLearning, phenocamapi, pkggraph, popEpi, postgwas, ProFound, PROSPER, psidR, qad, QuantTools, randomNames, rbi, RecordLinkage, reinsureR, riskRegression, robCompositions, RSauceLabs, RWildbook, scanstatistics, sdcMicro, sdcTable, SDLfilter, sentometrics, SGP, simPop, simstudy, sitree, skm, slackr, slim, sparseFLMM, stranger, surveyplanning, survMisc, synthACS, tabplot, tcpl, treemap, Tushare, twl, validateRS, vardpoor, word.alignment
Reverse suggests: ALA4R, assertive.types, auk, BEDMatrix, BGData, bigQueryR, bikeshare14, cdata, checkmate, csvy, dang, dataCompareR, datarobot, DeclareDesign, DGVM3D, dplyr, easycsv, epanetReader, extdplyr, fabricatr, ForecastFramework, fst, ggswissmaps, googleVis, gustave, h2o, ie2miscdata, iemiscdata, inplace, installr, itsadug, ivmte, KRIG, labelled, Lahman, lava, lavaSearch2, lfe, LocalControl, Matrix.utils, miceFast, microsamplingDesign, milr, multinets, namedCapture, nanotime, NEArender, nlmixr, padr, pander, partools, PCRedux, pcrsim, PeakSegOptimal, PP, ProjectTemplate, propr, pxweb, Rblpapi, rbokeh, rdhs, rdwd, rpivotTable, rreg, rstanarm, rtika, rtop, RTransferEntropy, ruimtehol, SciencePo, seleniumPipes, spew, sticky, taRifx, tidyimpute, tidyr, tidytext, TSrepr, uavRst, vaersNDvax, vaersvax, vtreat
Reverse enhances: dendextend, repr

Released over 7 years ago.