data.tree (0.4.0)

General Purpose Hierarchical Data Structure.

Create tree structures from hierarchical data, and traverse the tree in various orders. Aggregate, cumulate, print, plot, convert to and from data.frame and more. Useful for decision trees, machine learning, finance, conversion from and to JSON, and many other applications.

Maintainer: Christoph Glur
Author(s): Christoph Glur

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: DiagrammeR, R6, stringr, igraph, party, ape, yaml, Formula, foreach, testthat, treemap, partykit, doParallel, knitr, jsonlite, networkD3
Reverse depends: triversity
Reverse suggests: DataPackageR, echarts4r, finbif, magclass, qwraps2, Rodam, styler, tidygraph, wrMisc, XGR, yum

Released over 3 years ago.