dclone (2.3-0)

Data Cloning and MCMC Tools for Maximum Likelihood Methods.


Low level functions for implementing maximum likelihood estimating procedures for complex models using data cloning and Bayesian Markov chain Monte Carlo methods as described in Solymos 2010 (R Journal 2(2):29--37). Sequential and parallel MCMC support for 'JAGS', 'WinBUGS', 'OpenBUGS', and 'Stan'.

Maintainer: Peter Solymos
Author(s): Peter Solymos

License: GPL-2

Uses: coda, Matrix, rjags, rstan, R2WinBUGS, lattice, rlecuyer, BRugs, MASS, R2OpenBUGS
Reverse depends: dcmle, PVAClone, sharx
Reverse suggests: detect

Released 3 months ago.