deisotoper (0.0.3)

Detection of Isotope Pattern of a Mass Spectrometric Measurement.

Provides a low-level interface for a deisotoper container implemented in the 'Java' programming language and means of S3 helper functions for plotting and debugging isotopes of mass spectrometric data. The deisotoper algorithm detects and aggregates peaks which belong to the same isotopic cluster of a given mass spectrum.

Maintainer: Christian Panse
Author(s): Christian Panse [cre, aut] (0000-0003-1975-3064), Lucas Schmidt [ctb, aut] (0000-0003-4496-0487), Witold E. Wolski [ctb, aut] (0000-0002-6468-120X)

License: GPL-3

Uses: rJava, lattice, testthat, roxygen2, knitr, protViz, shiny, rmarkdown, DiagrammeR

Released over 1 year ago.