dendextend (1.4.0)

Extending 'Dendrogram' Functionality in R.

Offers a set of functions for extending 'dendrogram' objects in R, letting you visualize and compare trees of 'hierarchical clusterings'. You can (1) Adjust a tree's graphical parameters - the color, size, type, etc of its branches, nodes and labels. (2) Visually and statistically compare different 'dendrograms' to one another.

Maintainer: Tal Galili
Author(s): Tal Galili [aut, cre, cph] (, Gavin Simpson [ctb], Gregory Jefferis [aut, ctb] (imported code from his dendroextras package), Marco Gallotta [ctb] (a.k.a: marcog), Johan Renaudie [ctb] (, The R Core Team [ctb] (Thanks for the Infastructure, and code in the examples), Kurt Hornik [ctb], Uwe Ligges [ctb], Andrej-Nikolai Spiess [ctb], Steve Horvath [ctb], Peter Langfelder [ctb], skullkey [ctb], Mark Van Der Loo [ctb] ( d3dendrogram), Andrie de Vries [ctb] (ggdendro author), Zuguang Gu [ctb] (circlize author), Cath [ctb] (, Yoav Benjamini [ths]

License: GPL-2 | GPL-3

Uses: fpc, ggplot2, magrittr, viridis, whisker, cluster, colorspace, gplots, pvclust, seriation, ape, dynamicTreeCut, plyr, MASS, profdpm, testthat, NMF, corrplot, microbenchmark, knitr, DendSer, circlize, dendextendRcpp, rmarkdown, covr, d3heatmap, heatmaply
Enhances: Hmisc, rpart, data.table, labeltodendro, ggdendro, dendroextras
Reverse depends: dendextendRcpp, EnsCat, PdPDB, uclust
Reverse suggests: AntMAN, circlize, CluMix, DatabionicSwarm, dbscan, isocat, kmer, LocalControl, pergola, phylogram, plotly, propr, rare, Rnightlights, sharpshootR

Released almost 3 years ago.