depend.truncation (2.3)

Statistical Inference for Parametric and Semiparametric Models Based on Dependently Truncated Data.

Suppose that one can observe bivariate random variables (X, Y) only when X<=Yj, for all j=1,...,n, are called truncated data. Parametric approach (Emura & Konno 2012 Stat Papers), semiparametric approach (Chaieb et al. 2006 Biometrika; Emura et al. 2011 Sinica; Emura and Murotani 2015 TEST), nonparametric maximum likelihood approach (Emura & Wang 2012 JMVA), and regression approach (Emura and Wang 2015 AISM) are implemented for statistical inference on (X, Y), when X and Y are dependent. Also included is truncated data on the number of deaths at each year (1963-1980) for Japanese male centenarians (Emura and Murotani 2015 TEST).

Maintainer: Takeshi Emura, Graduate Institute of Statistics, National Central University, Taiwan
Author(s): Takeshi Emura

License: GPL-2

Uses: mvtnorm

Released over 2 years ago.