devtools (1.13.4)

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Tools to Make Developing R Packages Easier.

Collection of package development tools.

Maintainer: Hadley Wickham
Author(s): Hadley Wickham [aut, cre], Winston Chang [aut], RStudio [cph], R Core team [ctb] (Some namespace and vignette code extracted from base R)

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: digest, git2r, httr, jsonlite, memoise, rstudioapi, whisker, withr, bitops, Rcpp, MASS, testthat, evaluate, roxygen2, knitr, gmailr, rmarkdown, crayon, curl, lintr, rversions, covr, hunspell
Reverse depends: rbundler, YplantQMC
Reverse suggests: acmeR, alluvial, archivist, aRxiv, assertive, assertive.base, assertive.code,,,, assertive.datetimes, assertive.files, assertive.matrices, assertive.models, assertive.numbers,, assertive.reflection, assertive.sets, assertive.strings, assertive.types, available, ballr, BETS, bigstep, biomartr, biwavelet, broman, checkmate, CluMix, codyn, congressbr, constellation, CorShrink, covr, crunch, DataCombine, DBItest, DCG, deBInfer, denoiSeq, docstring, dodgr, doRNG, dparser, dpmr, DrImpute, edgarWebR, episode, etl, eurostat, fakemake, flacco, flippant, forestFloor, ggExtra, ggforce, gitlabr, googleAuthR, googleComputeEngineR, graticule, gsrc, h2o, hashmap, heuristica, hunspell, HURDAT, huxtable, hyperSpec, IalsaSynthesis, icd9, iLaplace, inlmisc, installr, jiebaR, jpmesh, jpndistrict, LAGOSNE, learnrbook, letsR, likert, lime, lineup, Luminescence, manifestoR, mcglm, mgarchBEKK, micompr, miniCRAN, modules, Momocs, MonetDBLite, mptools, myTAI, nima, nlmixr, NlsyLinks, NMF, OpenMx, osmdata, osmplotr, OSTSC, packrat, parlitools, Perc, performanceEstimation, pkgmaker, PKPDmisc, plotly, preference, profvis, PSAboot, pulver, qtlcharts, radiomics, raw, Rcereal, rclinicaltrials, RcppOctave, Rd2md, rddapp, recexcavAAR, REDCapR, redlistr, rEHR, reprex, revdbayes, rfishbase, Rilostat, rnaturalearth, robustBLME, ropenaq, roxygen2, rpdo, rpivotTable, rsoi, rust, RxODE, Ryacas, satellite, SciencesPo, sessionTools, smss, spduration, spew, stremr, SuperLearner, syuzhet, taxlist, testthat, TeXCheckR, texmex, toxplot, umx, unitizer, unvotes, vaersvax, valr, veccompare, vegtable, vortexR, Wats, webTRISr, wikipediatrend, WVPlots, xoi, zebu
Reverse enhances: runittotestthat

Released about 1 month ago.

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