dimRed (0.2.0)

A Framework for Dimensionality Reduction.


A collection of dimensionality reduction techniques from R packages and a common interface for calling the methods.

Maintainer: Guido Kraemer
Author(s): Guido Kraemer [aut, cre]

License: GPL-3 | file LICENSE

Uses: DRR, magrittr, NMF, Matrix, energy, fastICA, ggplot2, igraph, kernlab, pcaPP, rgl, scatterplot3d, vegan, diffusionMap, MASS, testthat, RANN, optimx, cccd, scales, knitr, lle, pcaL1, loe, Rtsne, tidyr, RSpectra, coRanking, reticulate, tensorflow, keras, tinytex, umap
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Released 2 months ago.