dispRity (1.2.3)

Measuring Disparity.


A modular package for measuring disparity from multidimensional matrices. Disparity can be calculated from any matrix defining a multidimensional space. The package provides a set of implemented metrics to measure properties of the space and allows users to provide and test their own metrics. The package also provides functions for looking at disparity in a serial way (e.g. disparity through time) or per groups as well as visualising the results. Finally, this package provides several basic statistical tests for disparity analysis.

Maintainer: Thomas Guillerme
Author(s): Thomas Guillerme [aut, cre, cph], Mark N Puttick [aut, cph]

License: GPL-3 | file LICENSE

Uses: ade4, ape, Claddis, geiger, geometry, geoscale, mnormt, paleotree, phangorn, phyclust, vegan, testthat, knitr

Released 11 months ago.