diveRsity (1.2.2)

Genetic diversity partition statistics and Informative locus selection..


diveRsity is a package which allows the calculation of both genetic diversity partition statistics, genetic differentiation statistics and locus informativeness for ancestry assignment. It also provides users with various option to calculate bootstrapped 95% confidence intervals both across loci, for pairwise population comparisons and to plot these results interactively. V1.2 and up provides parallel computing capabilities and pairwise results without bootstrapping.

Maintainer: Kevin Keenan
Author(s): Kevin Keenan, <kkeenan02@qub.ac.uk>

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: sendplot, snow, foreach, iterators, doSNOW, xlsx, doParallel
Reverse suggests: FinePop

Released about 7 years ago.