diversitree (0.6-2)

diversitree: comparative phylogenetic tests of diversification.


Contains a number of comparative phylogenetic methods, mostly focussing on analysing diversification and character evolution. Contains implementations of BiSSE (Binary State Speciation and Extinction; Maddison et al. 2007: Syst. Biol. 56: 701) and its unresolved tree extensions (FitzJohn et al. 2009: Syst. Biol. 58: 595), MuSSE (Multiple State Speciation and Extinction), QuaSSE (Quantitative State Speciation and Extinction; FitzJohn 2010: Syst. Biol. in press), and GeoSSE (Geographic State Speciation and Extinction; Goldberg et al. 2010: Syst. Biol.). Other included methods include Markov models of discrete and continuous trait evolution and constant rate speciation and extinction.

Maintainer: Richard G. FitzJohn
Author(s): Richard G. FitzJohn <fitzjohn@zoology.ubc.ca>, with GeoSSE by Emma E. Goldberg <eeg@uic.edu>.

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: ape, deSolve, subplex, numDeriv, tgp, multicore, minqa
Reverse suggests: hisse, secsse

Released almost 9 years ago.