doBy (4.3.0)

Groupwise summary statistics, general linear contrasts, LSMEANS (least-squares-means), and other utilities.

Contains a variety of utilities including: 1) Facilities for groupwise computations of summary statistics and other facilities for working with grouped data. 2) General linear contrasts and LSMEANS (least-squares-means also known as population means), 3) HTMLreport for autmatic generation of HTML file from R-script with a minimum of markup, 4) various other utilities

Maintainer: Søren Højsgaard
Author(s): Søren Højsgaard <> and Ulrich Halekoh <> with contributions from Ulrich Halekoh, Jim Robison-Cox, Kevin Wright and Alessandro A. Leidi.

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: Matrix, R2HTML, survival
Reverse depends: frailtypack, geepack, gRim, RcmdrPlugin.doBy, refGenome, rpsychi, RVAideMemoire, synbreed, TukeyC
Reverse suggests: bfp, datarobot, gsubfn, PracTools, R2MLwiN, rattle, svydiags

Released over 8 years ago.