doBy (4.4.4)

doBy - Groupwise summary statistics, general linear contrasts, LSMEANS (least-squares-means), and other utilities.

doBy contains a variety of utilities including: 1) Facilities for groupwise computations of summary statistics and other facilities for working with grouped data. 2) General linear contrasts and LSMEANS (least-squares-means also known as population means), 3) Rscript2HTML for autmatic generation of HTML file from R-script with a minimum of markup, 4) implementation of the Kenward-Roger method for estimating denominator degrees of freedom various for tests in linear mixed models, 5) methods for determining p-values based on parametric bootstrap in linear mixed models 6) other utilities. doBy originally contained facilities for 'doing something to data where data would be partitioned by some variables which define groupings of data' - hence the name doBy.

Maintainer: Søren Højsgaard
Author(s): Søren Højsgaard <> and Ulrich Halekoh <> with contributions from Jim Robison-Cox, Kevin Wright and Alessandro A. Leidi.

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: lme4, MASS, Matrix, multcomp, R2HTML, snow, survival
Reverse depends: frailtypack, geepack, gRim, RcmdrPlugin.doBy, refGenome, rpsychi, RVAideMemoire, synbreed, TukeyC
Reverse suggests: bfp, datarobot, gsubfn, PracTools, R2MLwiN, rattle, svydiags

Released over 7 years ago.