doRNG (1.6.6)

Generic Reproducible Parallel Backend for 'foreach' Loops.

Provides functions to perform reproducible parallel foreach loops, using independent random streams as generated by L'Ecuyer's combined multiple-recursive generator [L'Ecuyer (1999), ]. It enables to easily convert standard %dopar% loops into fully reproducible loops, independently of the number of workers, the task scheduling strategy, or the chosen parallel environment and associated foreach backend.

Maintainer: Renaud Gaujoux
Author(s): Renaud Gaujoux

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: foreach, iterators, pkgmaker, rngtools, RUnit, rbenchmark, bibtex, doMPI, doRedis, devtools, doParallel, knitr
Reverse depends: dtwclust, GA, SparseMDC
Reverse suggests: CPAT, cutpointr, darch, doFuture, GA, GAparsimony, inlmisc, ptycho, SimRVPedigree

Released over 2 years ago.