dplR (1.6.5)

Dendrochronology Program Library in R.


Perform tree-ring analyses such as detrending, chronology building, and cross dating. Read and write standard file formats used in dendrochronology.

Maintainer: Andy Bunn
Author(s): Andy Bunn [aut, cph, cre, trl], Mikko Korpela [aut, trl], Franco Biondi [aut, cph], Filipe Campelo [aut, cph], Pierre Mrian [aut, cph], Fares Qeadan [aut, cph], Christian Zang [aut, cph], Allan Buras [ctb], Jacob Cecile [ctb], Manfred Mudelsee [ctb], Michael Schulz [ctb]

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: digest, gmp, lattice, Matrix, matrixStats, plyr, png, R.utils, stringi, stringr, XML, Cairo, RColorBrewer, dichromat, waveslim, foreach, iterators, forecast, tikzDevice, testthat, knitr
Reverse depends: detrendeR, measuRing
Reverse suggests: bootRes, dendroExtra, dendroTools, detrendeR, fPortfolio, pointRes, treeclim

Released almost 3 years ago.