dsm (2.2.5)

Density surface modelling of distance sampling data.


This library implements density surface modelling of line transect data, based on the methods of Hedley et al. (2004). Some recent developments in the literature have also be incorporated. Outputs are point and interval estimates of population abundance and density. Please note that this version of dsm WILL NOT work with the Windows package DISTANCE earlier than version 6.2. For a version that works with DISTANCE 6.1, please go to: https://github.com/DistanceDevelopment/dsm-distance-6.1 For the latest version of dsm, please use the github version at the URL listed below. Miller, D. L., M. L. Burt, E. Rexstad and L. Thomas. 2013. Spatial models for distance sampling data: recent developments and future directions. Methods in Ecology and Evolution Hedley, S.L., S.T. Buckland and D.L. Borchers. 2004. "Spatial distance sampling methods" pp 48-70 in Advanced Distance Sampling, Buckland, S.T. et al. (eds). Oxford University Press.

Maintainer: David L Miller
Author(s): David L. Miller, Eric Rexstad, Louise Burt, Mark V. Bravington, Sharon Hedley.

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: ggplot2, mgcv, mrds, nlme, statmod, Distance

Released about 5 years ago.