dynamichazard (0.5.3)

Dynamic Hazard Models using State Space Models.


Contains functions that lets you fit dynamic hazard models using state space models. The first implemented model is described in Fahrmeir (1992) and Fahrmeir (1994) . Extensions hereof are available where the Extended Kalman filter is replaced by an unscented Kalman filter and other options including particle filters.

Maintainer: Benjamin Christoffersen
Author(s): Benjamin Christoffersen [cre, aut], Alan Miller [cph], Anthony Williams [cph], Boost developers [cph], R-core [cph]

License: GPL-2

Uses: boot, Rcpp, survival, R.rsp, biglm, colorspace, dichromat, gsl, mgcv, mvtnorm, timereg, plyr, speedglm, testthat, formatR, knitr, httr, shiny, rmarkdown, captioner

Released over 1 year ago.