ecmwfr (1.2.1)

Interface to 'ECMWF' and 'CDS' Data Web Services.

Programmatic interface to the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts dataset web services (ECMWF; ) and Copernicus's Climate Data Store (CDS; ). Allows for easy downloads of weather forecasts and climate reanalysis data in R.

Maintainer: Hufkens Koen
Author(s): Koen Hufkens [aut, cre] (<>), Reto Stauffer [ctb] (<>), Elio Campitelli [ctb] (<>)

License: AGPL-3

Uses: httr, keyring, memoise, maps, testthat, ncdf4, raster, knitr, jsonlite, rstudioapi, rmarkdown, covr, rlang, stars

Released 10 months ago.