ecr (1.0.1)

Evolutionary Computing in R.

Provides a powerful framework for evolutionary computing in R. The user can easily construct powerful evolutionary algorithms for tackling both single- and multi-objective problems by plugging in different predefined evolutionary building blocks, e. g., operators for mutation, recombination and selection with just a few lines of code. Your problem cannot be easily solved with a standard EA which works on real-valued vectors, permutations or binary strings? No problem, 'ecr' has been developed with that in mind. Extending the framework with own operators is also possible. Additionally there are various comfort functions, like monitoring, logging and more.

Maintainer: Jakob Bossek
Author(s): Jakob Bossek [aut, cre], Dirk Surmann [ctb]

License: BSD_2_clause + file LICENSE

Uses: BBmisc, checkmate, ggplot2, gridExtra, parallelMap, ParamHelpers, reshape2, smoof, testthat
Reverse depends: mcMST, mosmafs

Released over 3 years ago.