editrules (1.7-0)

R package for parsing and manipulating edit rules.


Facilitates reading and manipulating (multivariate) data restrictions (edit rules) on numerical and categorical data. Rules can be defined with common R syntax and parsed to an internal (matrix-like format). Rules can be manipulated with variable elimination and value substitution methods, allowing for feasibility checks and more. Data can be tested against the rules and erroneous fields can be found based on Fellegi and Holt's generalized principle and rules can be visualized with the igraph package.

Maintainer: Edwin de Jonge
Author(s): Edwin de Jonge, Mark van der Loo

License: GPL-3

Uses: igraph, lpSolveAPI, iterators
Reverse depends: deducorrect, EditImputeCont, rspa
Reverse suggests: rspa

Released almost 8 years ago.