elasticnet (1.1.1)

Elastic-Net for Sparse Estimation and Sparse PCA.


Provides functions for fitting the entire solution path of the Elastic-Net and also provides functions for estimating sparse Principal Components. The Lasso solution paths can be computed by the same function. First version: 2005-10.

Maintainer: Hui Zou
Author(s): Hui Zou <hzou@stat.umn.edu> and Trevor Hastie <hastie@stanford.edu>

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: lars
Reverse depends: bujar, ChemometricsWithR, epoc, FADA, FisherEM, funFEM, regsel, smart, sparseLDA, sRDA
Reverse suggests: caret, ChemometricsWithR, ChemoSpec, fscaret, MachineShop, mlr

Released over 1 year ago.