emstreeR (2.1.0)

Fast Computing Euclidean Minimum Spanning Trees.


Computes an Euclidean Minimum Spanning Tree using the Dual-Tree Boruvka algorithm (March, Ram, Gray, 2010, ) implemented in 'mlpack' - the C++ Machine Learning library (Curtin, 2005, ). 'emstreeR' works as a wrapper so that R users can benefit from the fast C++ function for computing an Euclidean Minimum Spanning Tree without touching the C++ code. The package also provides functions and an S3 method for readily plotting the Minimum Spanning Trees (MST) using either 'base' R, 'scatterplot3d' or 'ggplot2' style.

Maintainer: Allan Quadros
Author(s): Allan Quadros [aut, cre], Andre Cancado [aut], Pedro Brom [aut], Eduardo Hellas [aut]

License: BSD_3_clause + file LICENSE

Uses: BBmisc, ggplot2, Rcpp, RcppMLPACK, scatterplot3d

Released 8 months ago.