energy (1.1-0)

E-statistics (energy statistics).

E-statistics (energy) tests and statistics for comparing distributions: multivariate normality, multivariate k-sample test for equal distributions, hierarchical clustering by e-distances, multivariate independence tests, distance correlation, goodness-of-fit tests. Energy-statistics concept based on a generalization of Newton's potential energy is due to Gabor J. Szekely.

Author(s): Maria L. Rizzo and Gabor J. Szekely

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: boot
Reverse depends: compositions, dCovTS, EnergyOnlineCPM, fAssets, fastHICA, HellCor, MBC
Reverse suggests: cdcsis, dimRed, FAiR, fAssets, shotGroups, steadyICA

Released over 11 years ago.