estimatr (0.20.0)

Fast Estimators for Design-Based Inference.

Fast procedures for small set of commonly-used, design-appropriate estimators with robust standard errors and confidence intervals. Includes estimators for linear regression, instrumental variables regression, difference-in-means, Horvitz-Thompson estimation, and regression improving precision of experimental estimates by interacting treatment with centered pre-treatment covariates introduced by Lin (2013) .

Maintainer: Graeme Blair
Author(s): Graeme Blair [aut, cre], Jasper Cooper [aut], Alexander Coppock [aut], Macartan Humphreys [aut], Luke Sonnet [aut], Neal Fultz [ctb], Lily Medina [ctb], Russell Lenth [ctb]

License: MIT + file LICENSE

Uses: Formula, generics, Rcpp, rlang, car, sandwich, AER, testthat, lfe, RcppEigen, stargazer, ivpack, randomizr, estimability, clubSandwich, prediction, margins, emmeans, fabricatr
Enhances: texreg
Reverse depends: DeclareDesign, DesignLibrary, ri2
Reverse suggests: insight

Released 2 months ago.