eulerr (6.0.0)

Area-Proportional Euler and Venn Diagrams with Ellipses.

Generate area-proportional Euler diagrams using numerical optimization. An Euler diagram is a generalization of a Venn diagram, relaxing the criterion that all interactions need to be represented. Diagrams may be fit with ellipses and circles via a wide range of inputs and can be visualized in numerous ways.

Maintainer: Johan Larsson
Author(s): Johan Larsson [aut, cre] (<>), A. Jonathan R. Godfrey [ctb], Peter Gustafsson [ctb], David H. Eberly [ctb] (geometric algorithms), Emanuel Huber [ctb] (root solver code), Kamil Slowikowski [ctb, cph] (modified code from ggrepel)

License: GPL-3

Uses: GenSA, polyclip, polylabelr, Rcpp, lattice, testthat, knitr, rmarkdown, pBrackets, RConics, covr, spelling

Released 3 months ago.