expss (0.8.8)

Tables with Labels and Some Useful Functions from Spreadsheets and 'SPSS' Statistics.


Package provides tabulation functions with support for 'SPSS'-style labels, multiple / nested banners, weights, multiple-response variables and significance testing. There are facilities for nice output of tables in 'knitr', 'Shiny', R and 'Jupyter' notebooks, '*.xlsx' files. Proper methods for labelled variables add value labels support to base R functions and to some functions from other packages. Additionally, the package offers useful functions for data processing in marketing research / social surveys - popular data transformation functions from 'SPSS' Statistics ('RECODE', 'COUNT', 'COMPUTE', 'DO IF', etc.) and 'Excel' ('COUNTIF', 'VLOOKUP', etc.). Package is intended to help people to move data processing from 'Excel'/'SPSS' to R.

Maintainer: Gregory Demin
Author(s): Gregory Demin [aut, cre]

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: data.table, foreign, htmlTable, magrittr, matrixStats, ggplot2, testthat, knitr, openxlsx, htmltools, DT, repr
Reverse depends: pubh

Released over 1 year ago.