ez (2.1-0)

Easy analysis and visualization of factorial experiments..


This package facilitates easy analysis of factorial experiments, including purely within-Ss designs (a.k.a. "repeated measures"), purely between-Ss designs, and mixed within-and-between-Ss designs. The functions in this package aim to provide simple, intuitive and consistent specification of data analysis and visualization. Visualization functions also include design visualization for pre-analysis data auditing, and correlation matrix visualization. Finally, this package includes functions for non-parametric analysis, including permutation tests and bootstrap resampling. The bootstrap function obtains predictions either by cell means or by more advanced/powerful mixed effects models, yielding predictions and confidence intervals that may be easily visualized at any level of the experiment's design.

Maintainer: Michael A. Lawrence
Author(s): Michael A. Lawrence <Mike.Lawrence@dal.ca>

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: car, ggplot2, lme4, Matrix, plyr, reshape, stringr
Reverse depends: npIntFactRep, RcmdrPlugin.EACSPIR, TriMatch
Reverse suggests: apa, apaTables, groupedstats, RcmdrPlugin.EACSPIR, schoRsch, WRS2

Released over 9 years ago.