fastICA (1.2-0)

FastICA Algorithms to perform ICA and Projection Pursuit.

Implementation of FastICA algorithm to perform Independent Component Analysis (ICA) and Projection Pursuit.

Maintainer: Brian Ripley
Author(s): J L Marchini <>, C Heaton <> and B D Ripley <>

License: GPL-2 | GPL-3

Uses: MASS
Reverse depends: AnalyzeFMRI, ChemometricsWithR, fastHICA, gogarch, icaOcularCorrection, isva, oposSOM, rgr
Reverse suggests: caret, ChemometricsWithR, dimRed, dyndimred, fGarch, fmri, fscaret, mlr3pipelines, mlrCPO, NMF, opticskxi, parameters, ProjectionBasedClustering, recipes, spant, steadyICA, yaImpute

Released over 6 years ago.