fastR (0.10.2)

Foundations and Applications of Statistics Using R.

Data sets and utilities to accompany "Foundations and Applications of Statistics: an Introduction using R" (R Pruim, published by AMS, 2011), a text covering topics from probability and mathematical statistics at an advanced undergraduate level. R is integrated throughout, and access to all the R code in the book is provided via the snippet function.

Maintainer: Randall Pruim
Author(s): Randall Pruim

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: lattice, mosaic, mosaicData, DAAG, Devore7, Hmisc, alr3, car, corrgram, faraway, multcomp, vcd, MASS, cubature, BradleyTerry2, knitr
Reverse suggests: mosaic

Released over 4 years ago.