fasterize (1.0.2)

Fast Polygon to Raster Conversion.

Provides a drop-in replacement for rasterize() from the 'raster' package that takes 'sf'-type objects, and is much faster. There is support for the main options provided by the rasterize() function, including setting the field used and background value, and options for aggregating multi-layer rasters. Uses the scan line algorithm attributed to Wylie et al. (1967) .

Maintainer: Noam Ross
Author(s): Noam Ross [aut, cre] (<>), Michael Sumner [ctb] (<>), EcoHealth Alliance [cph], USAID PREDICT [fnd]

License: MIT + file LICENSE

Uses: raster, Rcpp, sp, testthat, microbenchmark, knitr, rmarkdown, sf
Reverse suggests: reproducible,, ursa

Released 9 days ago.