fdq (0.2)

Forest Data Quality.


Contains methods of analysis of forest databases, the purpose of the analyzes is to evaluate the quality of the data present in the databases focusing on the dimensions of consistency, punctuality and completeness. Databases can range from forest inventory data to growth model data. The package has methods to work with large volumes of data quickly, in addition in certain analyzes it is possible to generate the graphs for a better understanding of the analysis and reporting of the analyzed analysis.

Maintainer: Caque de Oliveira de Souza
Author(s): Caque de Oliveira de Souza [aut, cre], Clayton Vieira Fraga Filho [ctb, dtc], Miquias Fernandes [ctb]

License: GPL-3

Uses: data.table, Fgmutils, ggplot2, plyr, randomcoloR, sqldf

Released about 3 years ago.