fields (6.6.2)

Tools for spatial data.

Fields is for curve, surface and function fitting with an emphasis on splines, spatial data and spatial statistics. The major methods include cubic, robust, and thin plate splines, and Kriging for large data sets. The splines and Kriging methods are supporting by functions that can determine the smoothing parameter (nugget and sill variance) by cross validation and also by restricted maximum likelihood. A major feature is that any covariance function implemented in R with the fields interface can be used for spatial prediction. Some tailored optimization functions are supplied for find the MLEs for the Matern family of covariances. There are also many useful functions for plotting and working with spatial data as images. This package also contains an implementation of a sparse matrix methods for large data sets and currently requires the sparse matrix (spam) package for testing (but not for the standard spatial functions.) Use help(fields) to get started and for an overview. The fields source code is heavily commented and should provide useful explanation of numerical details in addition to the manual pages.

Maintainer: Doug Nychka
Author(s): Reinhard Furrer, Douglas Nychka and Stephen Sain

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: spam
Reverse depends: ASMap, aSPU, BaySIC, biwavelet, Canopy, CCA, chillR, CircSpatial, cmsaf, CNLTtsa, CompModSA, CONOR, CONORData, crqa, earlywarnings, easystab, ecespa, EMD, esd4all, fcr, fpa, Geneclust, Geneland, geoelectrics, geosptdb, GeoXp, gptk, gwrr, hht, highriskzone, ibr, LatticeKrig, lgcp, LSC, ltsk, mgpd, ModelMap, mvLSW, nnDiag, nnTensor, odprism, palaeoSig, paramGUI, phenology, phylotools, prevR, ProbForecastGOP, qat, QLSpline, qqplotter, QuasiSeq, R2GUESS, ramps, reddPrec, RNCEP, rNOMADS, rworldmap, sGPCA, spatialfil, SpatialFloor, SpatialVx, SpatPCA, SpherWave, sphet, SPOT, spThin, stilt, stocc, SynchWave, TIMP, topologyGSA, TrackReconstruction, UncerIn2, verification, Voss, WeedMap, wux
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Reverse enhances: scpm

Released over 8 years ago.