fivethirtyeight (0.3.0)

Data and Code Behind the Stories and Interactives at 'FiveThirtyEight'.

Datasets and code published by the data journalism website 'FiveThirtyEight' available at . Note that while we received guidance from editors at 'FiveThirtyEight', this package is not officially published by 'FiveThirtyEight'.

Maintainer: Albert Y. Kim
Author(s): Albert Y. Kim [cre], Chester Ismay [aut], Jennifer Chunn [aut], Andrew Flowers [ctb], Jonathan Bouchet [ctb], G. Elliott Morris [ctb], Adam Spannbauer [ctb], Pradeep Adhokshaja [ctb], Olivia Barrows [ctb], Jojo Miller [ctb], Jayla Nakayama [ctb]

License: MIT + file LICENSE

Uses: igraph, stringr, corrplot, gridExtra, lubridate, fmsb, wordcloud, scales, knitr, ggthemes, magrittr, rmarkdown, broom, highcharter, hunspell, tidytext, tidyverse, fivethirtyeight, ggraph
Reverse suggests: fivethirtyeight, supernova

Released over 2 years ago.