flextable (0.3.0)

Functions for Tabular Reporting.


Create pretty tables for 'Microsoft Word', 'Microsoft PowerPoint' and 'HTML' documents. Functions are provided to let users create tables, modify and format their content. It extends package 'officer' that does not contain any feature for customized tabular reporting. Function tabwid() produces an 'htmlwidget' ready to be used in 'Shiny' or 'R Markdown (*.Rmd)' documents.

Maintainer: David Gohel
Author(s): David Gohel [aut, cre]

License: GPL-3

Uses: gdtools, htmltools, htmlwidgets, lazyeval, magrittr, officer, purrr, R6, stringr, tibble, testthat, knitr, dplyr, rmarkdown, xml2
Reverse suggests: akmedoids, atable, huxtable, jtools, Mediana, munsellinterpol

Released about 2 years ago.