forecast (5.4)

Forecasting functions for time series and linear models.

Methods and tools for displaying and analysing univariate time series forecasts including exponential smoothing via state space models and automatic ARIMA modelling.

Maintainer: Rob J Hyndman
Author(s): Rob J Hyndman <> with contributions from George Athanasopoulos, Slava Razbash, Drew Schmidt, Zhenyu Zhou, Yousaf Khan, Christoph Bergmeir, Earo Wang

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: colorspace, fracdiff, nnet, Rcpp, timeDate, tseries, zoo, testthat, fpp, Rmalschains
Reverse depends: bfast, caschrono, ChangeAnomalyDetection, demography, dendrometeR, Dowd, EnvCpt, expsmooth, fma, forecastHybrid, forecTheta, forega, fpp, fpp2, ftsa, hts, MAPA, Mcomp, nnfor, portes, RcmdrPlugin.epack, Rlgt, Rssa, spTimer, thief, Tushare, ZRA
Reverse suggests: AER, aurelius, caschrono, corset, dplR, epimdr, fable, gamclass, ggfortify, lifecontingencies, mFilter, origami, pander, pmml, portes, rainbow, smooth, sophisthse, tactile, timetk, trajectories, tsbox, XLConnect
Reverse enhances: tsDyn

Released over 5 years ago.