fullfact (1.1)

Full Factorial Breeding Analysis.


We facilitate the analysis of full factorial mating designs with mixed-effects models. The observed data functions extract the variance explained by random and fixed effects and provide their significance. We then calculate the additive genetic, nonadditive genetic, and maternal variance components explaining the phenotype. In particular, we integrate nonnormal error structures for estimating these components for nonnormal data types. The resampled data functions are used to produce bootstrap confidence intervals, which can then be plotted using a simple function. This package will facilitate the analyses of full factorial mating designs in R, especially for the analysis of binary, proportion, and/or count data types and for the ability to incorporate additional random and fixed effects and power analyses. The paper associated with the package including worked examples is: Houde ALS, Pitcher TE (2016) .

Maintainer: Aimee Lee Houde
Author(s): Aimee Lee Houde [aut, cre], Trevor Pitcher [aut]

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: afex, lme4

Released over 3 years ago.