fulltext (1.4.0)

Full Text of 'Scholarly' Articles Across Many Data Sources.

https://docs.ropensci.org/fulltext (website) https://github.com/ropensci/fulltext/ (devel) https://books.ropensci.org/fulltext/ (user manual)

Provides a single interface to many sources of full text 'scholarly' data, including 'Biomed Central', Public Library of Science, 'Pubmed Central', 'eLife', 'F1000Research', 'PeerJ', 'Pensoft', 'Hindawi', 'arXiv' 'preprints', and more. Functionality included for searching for articles, downloading full or partial text, downloading supplementary materials, converting to various data formats.

Maintainer: Scott Chamberlain
Author(s): Scott Chamberlain [aut, cre] (<https://orcid.org/0000-0003-1444-9135>)

License: MIT + file LICENSE

Uses: aRxiv, crminer, crul, data.table, digest, hoardr, jsonlite, magrittr, microdemic, pdftools, rcrossref, rentrez, rplos, storr, tibble, xml2, testthat, roxygen2, knitr, pubchunks
Reverse suggests: pubchunks, rotl, suppdata

Released about 1 month ago.