funcy (1.0.0)

Functional Clustering Algorithms.

Unified framework to cluster functional data according to one of seven models. All models are based on the projection of the curves onto a basis. The main function funcit() calls wrapper functions for the existing algorithms, so that input parameters are the same. A list is returned with each entry representing the same or extended output for the corresponding method. Method specific as well as general visualization tools are available.

Maintainer: Christina Yassouridis
Author(s): Christina Yassouridis [aut, cre], Dominik Ernst [ctb], Madison Giacofci [ctb], Sophie Lambert-Lacroix [ctb], Guillemette Marot [ctb], Franck Picard [ctb], Nicoleta Serban [ctb], Huijing Jiang [ctb], Gareth James [ctb], Catherine Sugar [ctb], Hans-Georg Mueller [ctb], Jie Peng [ctb], Chiou Jeng-Min [ctb], Pai-Ling Li [ctb]

License: GPL-2

Uses: calibrate, car, cluster, fda, fields, flexclust, kernlab, MASS, Matrix, plyr, sm, wavethresh, scatterplot3d, testthat, Funclustering, funHDDC

Released almost 2 years ago.