ganalytics (0.10.6)

Interact with 'Google Analytics'.

Functions for querying the 'Google Analytics' core reporting, real-time, multi-channel funnel and management APIs, as well as the 'Google Tag Manager' (GTM) API. Write methods are also provided for the management and GTM APIs so that you can change tag, property or view settings, for example. Define reporting queries using natural R expressions instead of being concerned as much about API technical intricacies like query syntax, character code escaping, and API limitations.

Maintainer: Johann de Boer
Author(s): Johann de Boer [aut, cre]

License: MIT + file LICENCE

Uses: assertthat, googleAnalyticsR, httpuv, httr, jsonlite, lazyeval, lubridate, plyr, R6, rvest, scales, selectr, stringr, XML, xml2, ggplot2, testthat, devtools, knitr, dplyr, tidyr, rmarkdown, covr, purrr, spelling
Reverse suggests: googleAnalyticsR

Released 10 months ago.