gcerisk (17.10.17)

Generalized Competing Event Model.


Generalized competing event model based on Cox PH model and Fine-Gray model. This function is designed to develop optimized risk-stratification methods for competing risks data, such as described in: 1. Carmona R, Gulaya S, Murphy JD, Rose BS, Wu J, Noticewala S,McHale MT, Yashar CM, Vaida F, and Mell LK (2014) . 2. Carmona R, Zakeri K, Green G, Hwang L, Gulaya S, Xu B, Verma R, Williamson CW, Triplett DP, Rose BS, Shen H, Vaida F, Murphy JD, and Mell LK (2016) . 3. Lunn, Mary, and Don McNeil (1995) .

Maintainer: Hanjie Shen
Author(s): Hanjie Shen <has072@ucsd.edu>, Ruben Carmona <ruben.carmona13@gmail.com>, Loren Mell <lmell@ucsd.edu>

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: cmprsk, ggplot2, survival

Released over 2 years ago.