geex (1.0.3)

An API for M-Estimation.

Provides a general, flexible framework for estimating parameters and empirical sandwich variance estimator from a set of unbiased estimating equations (i.e., M-estimation in the vein of Stefanski & Boos (2002) ). Also provides an API to compute finite-sample variance corrections.

Maintainer: Bradley Saul
Author(s): Bradley Saul [aut, cre], Brian Barkley [ctb]

License: MIT + file LICENSE

Uses: lme4, Matrix, numDeriv, rootSolve, ICSNP, gee, geepack, moments, sandwich, xtable, AER, MASS, testthat, saws, knitr, ivpack, dplyr, rmarkdown, inferference, covr

Released over 2 years ago.