georob (0.3-8)

Robust Geostatistical Analysis of Spatial Data.

Provides functions for efficiently fitting linear models with spatially correlated errors by robust and Gaussian (Restricted) Maximum Likelihood and for computing robust and customary point and block external-drift Kriging predictions, along with utility functions for variogram modelling in ad hoc geostatistical analyses, model building, model evaluation by cross-validation, (conditional) simulation of Gaussian processes, unbiased back-transformation of Kriging predictions of log-transformed data.

Maintainer: Andreas Papritz
Author(s): Andreas Papritz [cre, aut], Cornelia Schwierz [ctb]

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: abind, fields, lmtest, nleqslv, nlme, quantreg, snowfall, geoR, lattice, multcomp, gstat
Reverse suggests: pedometrics

Released 10 months ago.