ggPMX (0.9.3)

'ggplot2' Based Tool to Facilitate Diagnostic Plots for NLME Models.

At Novartis, we aimed at standardizing the set of diagnostic plots used for modeling activities in order to reduce the overall effort required for generating such plots. For this, we developed a guidance that proposes an adequate set of diagnostics and a toolbox, called 'ggPMX' to execute them. 'ggPMX' is a toolbox that can generate all diagnostic plots at a quality sufficient for publication and submissions using few lines of code.

Maintainer: Amine Gassem
Author(s): Amine Gassem [cre, aut], Bruno Bieth [aut], Irina Baltcheva [aut], Thomas Dumortier [aut], Christian Bartels [aut], Souvik Bhattacharya [aut], Inga Ludwig [aut], Ines Paule [aut], Didier Renard [aut], Qing Xi Ooi [ctr], Novartis Pharma AG [cph]

License: GPL-2

Uses: assertthat, checkmate, data.table, GGally, ggplot2, gtable, knitr, magrittr, R6, rmarkdown, stringr, yaml, zoo, xtable, testthat

Released 10 months ago.