gganimate (1.0.1)

A Grammar of Animated Graphics.

The grammar of graphics as implemented in the 'ggplot2' package has been successful in providing a powerful API for creating static visualisation. In order to extend the API for animated graphics this package provides a completely new set of grammar, fully compatible with 'ggplot2' for specifying transitions and animations in a flexible and extensible way.

Maintainer: Thomas Lin Pedersen
Author(s): Thomas Lin Pedersen [aut, cre], David Robinson [aut]

License: MIT + file LICENSE

Uses: ggplot2, glue, plyr, progress, rlang, scales, stringi, tweenr, testthat, png, knitr, base64enc, htmltools, rmarkdown, covr, svglite, magick, gifski, av, transformr
Reverse suggests: ggraph, rerddapXtracto, samc, spinifex, SSOSVM, tidybayes

Released 9 months ago.